Monday, March 1, 2010

Ibibo: Melons

One of the worst and cheapest advertisements in recent past. I mean what was the creative team thinking. Put a fat girl and ask her to push her boobs upwards and use 'melons'.. Seriously WTF material!!!

Coca Cola

I am glad they come out with some really sweet, simple yet brilliant stuff after the aamir khan series. Really amazing!!

Center Fruit: Loved it

Really like it. Just like all the other center fruit/fresh ads. Brilliant

Thums up: Amazing background score

I just loved the background score. The soundtrack makes an otherwise not so great spot work. It gives another dimension to the overall feel. And having a hot model worked in the brand's favour as well :)

Rin Vs Tide: Pathetic

Proving a point is something else and indulging in bickering something else. Rin for me washed away years of good advertising and brand building by one such instance. Pathetic attempt i must say.