Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cadbury's: Shubh Aarambh Series

Cadbury's has always been known for some of the most brilliant advertising in Indian landscape. Who has forgotten the 'Kuch Khaas hai Zindagi mein' ad in the 90s. The last 'Kuch Meetha ho Jaye campaign' was just just mindblowing to say the least. It gave the brand a new driection altogether. But the shubh Aarambh series according to me are absolute rubbish when it comes to execution. I know most are going gaga about these ads and may be i am the only one who thinks otherwise, but thats the way it is. According to me, it was one of the most amazing ideas to take the brand forward after the chocolates can replace sweets during festivities bit, and 'new beginning' association enlarges the overall consumption spectrum by leaps and bounds too. Involving families rather than only stand alone consumers in the user profile. But i think the ads are poorly executed and the product usage/appeal seems too forced.

I mean i can understand a father's concern for his daughter and her boyfriend's maturity. But would ANYBODY say that cheesy tagline. I mean even if he is very understanding. Still. Would he discuss a PRODUCT in such circumstances. Just too forced as per me.

Same is the case with the earlier 'Bus Stop' Ad. Product just doesn't seem to fit in the overall scheme of things. Great Advertising either has a shock value or goes too smooth and you don't notice the AD per se, but the moment. Doesn't do the trick for me.

Even the Jeans ad looks very promising on paper but when it comes to execution, doesn't seem to be as moving/appealing as the idea itself.

Also, if you DON'T like the bus stop ad, i am sure you will love THIS spoof

Share your views if you agree/disagree.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Ibibo: Melons

One of the worst and cheapest advertisements in recent past. I mean what was the creative team thinking. Put a fat girl and ask her to push her boobs upwards and use 'melons'.. Seriously WTF material!!!

Coca Cola

I am glad they come out with some really sweet, simple yet brilliant stuff after the aamir khan series. Really amazing!!

Center Fruit: Loved it

Really like it. Just like all the other center fruit/fresh ads. Brilliant

Thums up: Amazing background score

I just loved the background score. The soundtrack makes an otherwise not so great spot work. It gives another dimension to the overall feel. And having a hot model worked in the brand's favour as well :)

Rin Vs Tide: Pathetic

Proving a point is something else and indulging in bickering something else. Rin for me washed away years of good advertising and brand building by one such instance. Pathetic attempt i must say.