Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bank of India: Some 'unexplored' gems.

Sometimes we ignore amazing sweet little ads which do not generate much hype since they are not big brands as of now but still are nothing short of brilliance. Some time back i saw an advertisement (Which unfortunately i couldn't find online but will try and upload soon) by Bank of India. Got intrigued and searched for more. Sharing the others here. Amazingly simple advertisements who hit the right chord. Enjoy

Piggy Bank: Drives home the security brand promise with such ease that is as smooth as butter melting on warm bread. I especially love the kid when he is walking with the umbrella in his tshirt on his back and the rain shots.

Jasoos: That one dialogue just changes the whole direction and proves that brilliant ads just need one carefully written line and the work is done.

The Bank Manager's sarcastic remarks are just toooo cool..

Coffee House:
Sarcasm again. Great Idea. Phenomenal Execution

Not sure if it actually happens in the branch, but still drives a very strong customer value.

Shastri Ji:
Again, using emotions and the fact that customer is treated as a 'Person' and not 'an account number'