Saturday, September 26, 2009

15 seconds of Bliss...

I am just crazzy about the music in this particular Ad.. Everything is perfect.. From the Guitar Riff to the ammmazing vocals from Sona Mohapatra.. Not to mention the beatiful model too. hehe..


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Songs in Advertisements

Advertising and Music have always had a very strong association since almost ever. Its hard to imagine some of the most popular ads of all time, whether indian or international without a catchy jingle or soundtrack. Well, was just thinking about incorporating full fledged songs in advertisements rather than a jingle per se and found out that internationally although the trend is still very acceptable. In India it is just catching up now only. Just thought of sharing a couple of ads that i like (Honeslty, more than the ads i like the songs more and THUS the ads ;-D ) Do let me know of any more in case you are aware of.

Limca: May be its just my ignorance but i could only remember the Limca Ad with a full song used. Infact it has taken one step further to actually make the full music video and released on various music channels, which i think was a fabulous idea. It offer an amazing and immediate recall for the brand whenever the song is playing on music stations or channels. I think this is one opportunity which hasnt been explored much.

Bajaj Allianz: Also, worth mentioning is the Bajaj Allianz, wherein (although i am not sure if its a full fledged song or just an extended jingle but i would use 'song' herein) the song i think strikes an amazing chord. I am sure most of you would remember the song if not the brand. If extended further and made in a full fledged music video i am sure it can do wonders for the brand and break the usual 'scare' clutter for insurance companies.

Motorola: Ammmazing song. Its caled 'A Song about ping pong' by Operating Please. I just love how the collage of pictures is used along with the song beats to come out with a fabulous advertisement. Just Fab..

Puma: Yes. The song is indeed much more famous that the advertisement itself but amazing nonetheless. Its Paulo Nutini's "New Shoes"

And Last but not the least. : I just find the whole concept too cute and obviously the song works for me even better. (Though i am not sure if its only an Indian Ad per se or an international version is also available) "Your love is lifting me higher" -Jackie Wilson

PS: I am a sucker for good music especially in advertisements. Do add in case you know of any!!